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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 22, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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catch the subway catches a steel pole instead. eagles players in that big win last night. film. heather: i'm sure it was worth. in "fox & friends" starts right now. >> this shut down was a political miscalculation of garr gaddian proportion. let's stop victimizing the american people and get back to work. >> we have yet to reach an agreement on the path forward for that reason. americans know why out dysfunction is occurring. the dysfunctional president. >> it's almost as if they are so behold ton their left wing they can't give the president a victory on keeping the government open. >> we want to you know your commander-in-chief and all the american people are behind you 100 percent. and nothing that happens in our nation's capitol will ever change that. >> messages coin taken
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shocking revelations involving the fbi's handling of its investigation into hillary clinton's email server. fbi agent peter strzok and fbi lawyer lisa page new hillary clinton knew hillary clinton would not face any charges. >> they did it. bill belichick and tom brady and the run by dion lewis, touchdown. super bowl 52 in two weeks. ♪ ♪ ♪ rocking like a hurricane ♪ here i am ♪ rocking like a hurricane ♪ brian: i don't know if i can laugh at that. steve: that's funny. brian: that's a steel pole. steve: it's an i beam. the guy wanted to make the train but the train doors were closed and the subway
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was going. somebody for some reason was taking pictures. and it's our shot of the morning. brian: maybe it was a friend of his. ainsley: the team won. at least he is happy about that. brian: he probably doesn't even know it. i don't think he has come to yet. ainsley: poor guy. you know, when the train is going already. why we continue to run. steve: exactly, the doors are closed. so excited because eagles won. ainsley: maybe he was intoxicated and didn't feel the pole. brian: we don't have a government that is fully funded. we won't have one until at least noon today. steve: here is what is happening. we are day three. that building officially is shut down although they will be in session later today at noon. they are going to have a procedural vote. they were going to have it last night at 1:00 in the morning. michigan mcconnell said that if the government would reopen, they would take, the senate republicans would take action on daca by
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february the 8th. mitch mcconnell said that and then schumer said not good enough. so we are essentially at a stalemate right now. ainsley: shear a little of that back and forth between chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell. >> everyone has figured this out. this shutdown was a political miscalculation of gargaatian proportions. it doesn't need to go on any longer. >> america knows why this. trump president hengs shutdown. we have yet to reach an agreement on the path forward that would be acceptable to both sides. for that reason i october. >> my friend across the aisle has shut down the government for hundreds of millions of americans. let's step back from the brink. let's stop victimizing the american people and get back to work on their behalf. brian: right. they do need to get back to work. i think the thing to keep in mind. the back and forth i know you are probably like us, we
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are so sick of it. we don't want to hear about the trump shutdown or the schumer shutdown. it's all posturing. not one person is being converted by anybody speaking about the other one. everyone is in their own corners. 25 senators getting together trying to work on a bipartisan deal. however, the found mental thick to keep in mind. the same thing what ted cruz did. trying to pass a budget in 2013. ted cruz said let's defund obamacare. everyone knew no one is going to defund obamacare with president obama in office. now you have a situation in office both sides agree on the budget oh yeah, let's do daca. okay, fine. 70% of the country wants to do it. fine, we agree on it just don't do it now. you have until march 6th. that's why the deadline was pushed back. there is no emergency to put that together. arguing about element of the budget whether it was funding the military or something like that, you say it's too bad these guys can't get along,see what's going to happen. daca is here and the budget is here.
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democrats said let's put the daca here and not pass anything. ainsley: right. it's politics 101. people are sick of it. it looks like they are putting amnesty and the chip program ahead of government employees or ahead of our military. get -- they need to come up with an agreement. get something done. this is ridiculous. they had a bipartisan meeting yesterday. nothing happened. they are having a bipartisan meeting today. many of the democrats are saying we don't trust republicans. republicans are just saying let's just pass the budget. deal women congratulation later. deal with daca, you give us the wawcialtion period, paragraph, let's move on. brian: the problem is the president and his staff seem to be fighting about what to do. the president wants to do this. and his staff wants to do that. i'm very curious to see how the "new york times" got their access to come to that conclusion. and what emerges today. i think john kelly and the president are actually working well together while lindsey graham called out steven miller and said steven miller is the evil angel, he is the one on the president's soldier stopping
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everything. steve: curious about lindsey graham he wasn't going to vote for it and and jeff flake. now they are going to vote for it president has been very clear you have to give me money to vote for the wall. we have to build the wall. chuck schumer came out and said if you were listening to him he offered the president a very genius offer to fund the wal generous . chuck schumer's memory is hazy because his account of friday's meeting is false. ainsley: isn't the timing on this interesting? the anniversary of the president. you have the state of the union address coming in a few weeks. if they continue to do this and not found the government they think the democrats think it's going to make the president look bad. the director ovm director mick mulvaney says this is just denying the president a win. listen to this. >> almost as if they are so beholden to their left wing that they can't give the
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president even a victory on keeping the government open. hearing here there was an interest of some folks in the democratic party to deny the president sort of the victory lap of the anniversary of his inauguration by the chance to talk about the success of the tax bill, success for the economy and jobs. it can go several days because i think there are other democrats who want to see the president give the state of the union during a shutdown. steve: a week from tomorrow. brian: we wilwe could have our n state of the union and talk about our own lives in washington. so it will be unique. steve: what is impacted with a federal government shutdown? well, look at the screen right here. thousands of federal employees will be placed on furlough if you are an essential employee you have to show up for work, but you are not going to get paid. the military has to show up for work, not going to get paid. what is open today, well, post offices, you will get your social security check. most national parks and airports will be open.
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and it hearkens back to what happened in 2013 when president obama was drying to make a statement. and he tried to make the closing as painful as possible. yesterday mcmulvaney said we are not going to weaponize it like they did last time with barricades and everything else. remember when those world war ii vets showed up for the flight that brought them there, unfortunately, all of those bike racks were there until a couple of congressman said you, you know what? come on, these guys traveled from from half way around the world they opened it up and took the bike racks down and toured world war ii. brian: delay of training for the reserve unit. asking the tsa to go to work but they will not get paid. if you live paycheck to paycheck knowing a pay collect is eventually coming it's inexcusable. 30% of the federal workforce back in 2013 that's going to go home. our economy probably won't be hurt. we have 170 million workers.
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they don't all work for the federal government. but in the big picture, this is just -- to me, it's all avoidable. but the big question is, what would it take for the president to do a daca deal. would it be to get his, he says 18 billion to build the wall or some type of barrier where needed at the southern border? believe it or not, if you believe louie gutierrez, he says a democrat, as liberal as it gets, i will build the wall if i have to myself in order to get the 800,000 amnesty. >> i think the wall is a monumental waste of taxpayer's money. it's to bailed monument to stupidity and it's just idiotic. having said that if that's what it's going to take in order to put 800,000 young men and women dreamers, and put them in a safe place and put them on a course to full integration into our society, if that's what the
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hostage takers of the dreamers, if that's their ransom cost. i say pay it. steve: so the big question is, what's going to get them to 60 later on today for this procedural vote. i mean, if mitch mcconnell says and he did last night. if the government reopens, they will have action on daca by february 8th. that's a great compromise. because that was never in the deal. it was just yeah we will try to do it before the deadline. now it's we will do it in three weeks. if the democrats vote no on, this that tells you it's politics to your earlier point. brian: inside daca, the other question is what's going to be the process to become naturalized citizens and not their parents. you can't let their parents become citizens it reinforces terrible behavior. democrats want everybody, maybe even their extended family to become citizens. ainsley: what's the problem with the wall? why are they so against the wall though if it keeps drugs out of country and criminals out of the country?
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steve: because the president want it. brian: answered ran on it. ainsley: years ago they wanted it. steve: that was then. this is now. anyway the big vote at noon you will see it live here on the channel just like the news headline. ainsley: jillian is a huge eagles fan. that's why she ♪ here today. she took the day off. she wanted to enjoy the game and celebrate. she did that last night. so i'm going to take it away with some headlines for you. we start with a fox news alert. a search is underway for whoever set off two pipe bombs inside a florida mall. the devices found inside a service corridor causing damage to the ceiling and to the walls but no one was hurt. a suspect was seen running from the mall in lake wales which is south of orlando. police are not calling this terror. woman falls two stories off balcony of cruise ship that happened during four day crewcruise from jacksonville, florida.
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this marks the second death on a cruise ship this year. benjamin netanyahu welcoming vice president pence in jerusalem before heading into a closed door meeting. the vice president spending two days in israel during his tour of the middle east. later today, vice president pence will address the israeli government. his visit marks the highest level u.s. visit to the region since the u.s. recognized jesus as the capital of israel. and shannon bream is there. she is going to have an exclusive interview with him. the super bowl is set. philadelphia eagles will take on the new england patriots. backup eagles quarterback nic foals leading the charge 38-7 sorry pete hegseth. fans swarmed the street in philadelphia it celebrate that win. they were greases the light poles with crisco before the game to keep fans from climbing up on them it didn't stop them. look at that guy right there. several people braving the crisco covered fixtures just to celebrate.
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in the afc, tom bread and the patriots coming from behind to beat the jacksonville jaguars. >> take it to white. looking around. throws it. what an effort. touchdown. >> there is the supermodel gizelle wife of tom brady in going to face off on february 4th. actually it happens in minnesota, right? steve: yep. ainsley: i do hate that for pete's team because it would have been fun for them to have the super bowl in minnesota. good for the eagles have. a lot of fans eagles fans and they were very excited. brian: they have people coming in from house buys glofing and hats. ainsley: and hotel roomtion. good for the economy. steve: the game is set. meanwhile, democrats playing politics with our military, our heroes will not get paid during this government shutdown. virginia congressman and former navy seal scott
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taylor is doing something about it you will hear from him live next. ainsley: u.n. ambassador to russia jon huntsman just took that ultimate polar plunge. brian: in russia. ♪ cold as ice ♪ and a long list of grueling tasks stop you. your relentless spirit drives you forward and makes work feel less like work. some call it your heritage. others say it's an obsession. you regard it as a blessed life. introducing the mahindra retriever. when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that.
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♪ brian: the government shutdown handing our nation's hero, the military, the hardest. as military payments are put on hold. our next guest argues if
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anyone shouldn't be paid its congress. that's why it's donating shutdown sal troy veterans. scott taylor sits on the veterans affairs and military construction committees. his district, the second district in virginia also has more military members retired and active than anyone else in the country. he joins us now. congressman, when did you realize -- i bet you didn't even realize when the government shuts down lawmakers still get paid. >> you know, now that i'm on this side, i understand that. but it's obviously if we're not doing our work we shouldn't get paid and certainly not getting paid while the military doesn't get paid who are overseas fighting for us. brian: you are doing what with your sal rinchts every sal? >> every day we are shut down i will donate it for homeless veterans and second one n-22 deals with preventing veteran suicide. and if we do it today, if we're going to shut down today it will be operation home front actually helps active duty families with financial hardship which is
3:19 am
obviously appropriate for right now. so lawmakers feel a little bit guilty i'm going to put my salary to something or not take my pay. do you think we have this shut down which is totally avoidable because you agree on the budget this is an issue brought in from the outside of the budget process. do you think we would have a lockout if lawmakers weren't getting paid. >> i don't. obviously folks here independently wealthy. many are not. yeah, they feel pain as well. as we talked about, those families not just military but people nonessential, people in defense contracting and stuff like that, federal workers. they will pay pain very quickly starting today. i think if lawmakers wrcket getting paid they would feel the same pain and you wouldn't have this unnecessary shutdown. brian: we have thousands of civilian employees with the pentagon and elsewhere furloughed. we have the cans sell legs or delay of training for reserve units. and mattis says the mission is going to continue. you are just knot going to get any paycheck which is
3:20 am
real nice. you will eventually get that money but just not now. put your lawmaker hat on for a second, why are we here? why did it come to this? >> well, honestly, i think that senator schumer miscalculated. you brought in immigration issue which had nothing to do with what you said earlier funding the government certainly not the military. i think it was a miscalculation. while folks want to get a deal it should not hold up the funding of the government and i know the american people believe the same that it should not hold up government funding for immigration. it's a separate issue. there was a miscalculation. as you know, can you add up all the g.o.p. votes in the senate and you still need democrat support to get to 60 votes. it's unnecessary shutdown and should end today. brian: i think all lawmakers should join new donating their salary or not taking their salary until this gets done. congressman, thanks so much. look forward to seeing you. brian: thanks, brian.
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brian: glad you're up. it's monday. back with headlines and this fox news alert. [shouting] brian: hung dreads running for cover as tokyo does its first missile attack drill. urging volunteers to seek shelter at amusement park and underground subway station. you see them going through the motions. this comes as rising tensions with north korea. the rogue nation has sent missiles flying over japan at least twice. unrelated story but a good one. volcano would erupt at any
3:25 am
moment. time laps video showing gray ash shooting through the sky like my sixth grade pongt. erupted about 50 times in the last 500 years. speaking of erupting. there is steve and ainsley to talk about something important. steve: indeed. ainsley: thousands of people took to the streets for friday's march for life and this weekend's, saturday's women's march. steve: yet, saturday's women's march received three times network coverage than the march for life on the evening newscast. ainsley: why is the mainstream media ignoring those who are pro-life? steve: here for reaction seniomollie hemingway. >> good morning. good to be with you. steve: look at the coverage friday march for life ended up with 2 minutes and 6 seconds worth of coverage screen left. saturday marches for the women's marches wound up with 6 minutes and 40
3:26 am
seconds. actually, of the two minutes, it was mainly nbc because cbs didn't cover and it abc only gave it 18 seconds. what's going on? >> this is actually possibly an improvement over last year which had both of these marches around the same time. it's not that you are not seeing coverage of the pro-life marches. you are seeing such under coverage of one of the most important human rights campaigns in history. it's a global movement. every year people are out marching in the street. there are so many different stories and angles can you cover. there are media outlets you can find them. a lot of people don't send reporters there and not going to get good coverage when you do that. ainsley: why is that? >> they suddenly have the resources once have you saturday women's marches. hard to see anything than some pretty extreme political bias. in support of the movement of the women's marches which have just generally progressive views. where as the pro-life march that unites people all across the country from different.
3:27 am
sanctity of human life and justice for the unborn. there is nothing else like it. and it's just scandalous and endemic not of the march but how the media covered this very important human rights issue. steve: my church has for decades, years, many years, probably over a decade sent buses down to the march for life on that friday. and it's so big in our church, the catholic church in throughout the new york area, and yet it has got son lightly covered people aside from hearing about it at church, you don't see much historically on the tv news. >> right. same with my lutheran church body which has people coming from all over the country. not just d.c. pro-life march. they take place in cities across the country. large ones on opposite sides of the coast. also possibly because a lot of this is individual churches or families coming to the march. the women's march is a very large politically organized movement and so they have
3:28 am
better contacts with the media, perhaps. steve: gotcha. ainsley: want to ask you about op-ed i wasn't a trump supporter, i am now. why did you change? >> well, you know, my piece is about how pleasantly surprised i have been with the first year of the trump presidency. my expectations with donald trump were so low that he could have met them probably by not just being hillary clinton. when you look back on what's been accomplished over the year. it's not just the one thing that i hoped for, which was a very good supreme court nomination. it's the 12 appellate judges that he also got. in it's getting out of paris climate accords. the general deregulatory environment which is unlike anything we have seen where this administration is removing regulations more than they're passing them. something we just haven't seen in a really long time. and then also the foreign policy issue. you know, is he not quite as noninterventionist as he said he would be during the campaign. we are seeing a much more restrained foreign policy than we saw either under
3:29 am
barack obama or george w. bush. and just a more coherent, i think, foreign policy focused on national interests and not getting involved in wars that we have no way of getting out of. so this has been -- it has far eex h exceeded my expectati. steve: one thing we are hearing at the white house the president feels the republicans are winning the blame game regarding the government shutdown. politically, you know, this is dangerous for the democrats. >> well, i don't know. i'm kind of a fan of shutdowns in general. steve: really? >> the idea, we just have too large of a government. but the idea you would shut down government services for citizens on behalf of noncitizens is so politically risky. not even now maybe but maybe when the campaigns start up. and so it's something that -- it's just a high risk enterprise by the democrats right now. ainsley: you bring up a good point. say that out loud for people who are not citizens it you know, we are taking away
3:30 am
salaries from people who do pay taxes and are legal citizens. you are absolutely right, monthly mollie. steve: mollie hemingway joining us from our nation's capital. brand new text messages from that brand new trump fbi agent the two of them just revealed. turns out he knew exactly how the hillary clinton email probe would end long before it did. dan bongino has more. and he's shocked that so many are missing now. steve: plus, surprise, surprise, stars are using the sag awards to knock the first lady melania trump. wasn't it supposed to be a night all about empowering women? ♪ tonight let's get some ♪ and live while we're young ♪
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♪ home of the brave ♪ brian: wow. how great. eagles, america and eagles win at home, philadelphia. ainsley: it's your shot of the morning retired petty officer first class general wilson singing a beautiful rendition of the national anthem at the nfc championship. steve: wilson has brought his inspirational performances to professional sports for nearly 20 years "fox & friends" a number of times. brian: eagles went on to wish some of the ilts there. they will pay the patriots in the super bowl february 4th. that's two weeks from this sunday. two weeks from yesterday. but, what i was amazed at overall if you look at both these games, these guys
3:35 am
aren't open. they are making unbelievable catches. i mean, it's why you are in the final four. i get it you don't see wussed plays. you see tremendous efforts. that's what i thought was amazing. ainsley: i'm a college football fan. but when you walsh college it's like nail biters you walk in with long fingernails and walk out without them. when you watch the nfl, every time they throw something, you are right, no matter if someone is in front of them they catch the biball. it's fun to watch. steve: a lot of people don't like the patriots. they are amazing. speak of. ainsley: and patriots. steve: dan bongino, former secret service agent and cop he joins us from the dan bongino show. he who is onto blame for the government shutdown. i know democrats are saying putting america's safety at risk while they play politics. >> well, they are playing politics. listen, basic civics lesson
3:36 am
is in order here. okay. there is this myth out there somehow that the republicans have played a role in this. they need 60 votes in the senate to get a bill passed on the budget. why? because the democrats have threatened a filibuster. i don't know what's complicated about this. the fact that issue will be liberals have to continue to lie about this is really troubling. now, one more quick point on this. understand. this our war fighters, our military and emergency personnel, these are people their training is not happening. the maintenance of equipment isn't happening. and the pentagon is wasting a bunch of time right now trying to determine who his central personnel are and who oornt. why? because the democrats are threatening to filibuster a bill over what? illegal immigrants who came into the country in violation of the flag, our military people are over fighting overseas. putting their butts on the line to defend. ainsley: mollie hemingway was on and she was saying democrats are putting illegals ahead of the safety
3:37 am
legal citizens. >> i mean, that's just a fact. but, you know, #it on twitter fact, you are absolutely right, mollie, i heard her piece before. i was listening to it that's what's happening liberals realizing this isn't a good public face tell american citizens hey by the way the government you finance, you pay for and you work your butts off to give money to every day we are shutting that down in favor of, who? oh people who came into the country illegally. some who don't pay taxes at all. this is really, i don't know what genius in the democratic party thought this thing up in a focus group, but someone fire that guy and arrest him for political mismanagement at this point. brian: politico did a survey. maybe lerms, republicans if they calculate correctly and message like you are, it will turn their direction. right now more people blame the republicans than democrats because people are listening and not understanding you need 60 votes, perhaps, that's the reason. meanwhile, here are some democrats talking about how
3:38 am
they used to look at illegal immigration and how their tone has changed for some reason in 2018. listen. >> it is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years and we must do more to stop it. >> we simply cannot allow people to pour into the united states undetected, undocumented, unchecked. >> we do not want to do anything to encourage more illegal immigration into this country. >> the american people are fundamentally pro-legal immigration and anti-illegal immigration. we will only pass comprehensive reform when we recognize this fundamental concept. brian: as you see chuck schumer still has that great eye contact when messaging. but it's unbelievable how things have flipped. what they are say something logical. of course we are full immigrants. we are a nation of immigrants.
3:39 am
it's illegal a. and no one wants to say it. no one wants to use the term illegal anymore. >> shocker, brian. the democrats are hypocrites on something else. here, let me give you my shocked face. this is such a ground ball for anyone to understand. of course we are going to defend the fact that we need competent, talented people to add to the economic productivity of in the united states to come into the country and produce wealth here. legal immigration is not an issue when done the right way and done in a labor sensitive way. but illegal immigration and open borders, you know, i have said this on the show. you know, probably 50 times now. my family are full of legal immigrants. they have done nothing but add value to this country and they would wrap themselves in this flag and fight for this country in a heart beat. but defending people coming here illegally, basically saying those rules don't matter and don't apply to me. i mean, why are the democrats doing it? it's really simple. they have nothing else to run on. they are intellectual vacuum
3:40 am
of ideas right now. all they have is replacing working class voters, they are losing with illegal immigrants coming into the country. steve: they wind up with 60 votes today at noon, because that is how we are going to reopen the government. dan, thank you investment for joining us live today. ainsley: thank you, dan. california could allow illegal immigrants to register to vote. yes. new rules going in effect in april will automatically register anyone with a drivers license to go and vote. illegal immigrants are allowed to get licenses in the state of california. the rules require the dmv to forward records of eligible applicants to the secretary of state's office unless they choose otherwise. unbelievable. the screen actors guild awards turning unbelievable after just a few minutes. first lady melania trump getting roasted by the host kristin bell alluding to her white house platform.
3:41 am
listen to this. >> there has never been a host for this awards show before. yes, the first time, first person, first lady. i think my first initiative as first lady will be cyber bullying. because i have yet to see any progress made on that problem quite yet. and i'm looking. ainsley: show celebrated other women featuring females only in the traditional i'm an actor segment. three billboards outside missouri taking home the award for best picture this is us won best series drama class. this will give you chills. newly appointed ambassador to russia taking the polar plunge. jon huntsman abby's dad dunking under water in moscow epiphany. >> definitely an experience. >> well done. >> he took part in the orthodox christian tradition commemorating the baptism of jesus. those are your headlines.
3:42 am
brian: i wonder how is he doing. we haven't heard from him. if you are watching, call. steve: he appears to be doing okay. brian: right. steve: 18 minutes before the top of the hour. janice not too bad. right now 42 degrees in new york city. ainsley: you will take it, right? steve: took. janice: air mass dive southward. we will take it but we do have wintry weather. actually blizzard advisories out for the you were midwest back to the northern plains. we actually had severe weather yesterday, tornadoes warnings in parts of the south. i don't think we are going to see tornadoes warnings today but the system as it moves eastward we could see some thunder with this. there is the past 24 hours. there is where we have our blizzard warnings really from kansas all the way up towards wisconsin. so, visibility is going to be down to nothing in some areas. and we could get upwards of a foot or more of snow. this is going to be difficult, if not impossible to travel in. so if you live in these areas, just be very careful and listen to your local authorities. there is where this storm is
3:43 am
head. it's headed toward the northeast. going to be too warm for snow. look at that by this time tomorrow around 54 mark in new york city. so, a rain event tomorrow all day but not snow. so, you know, that's the silver lining, i suppose. no bomb cyclone in the northeast tomorrow. ainsley: i like the silver lining. very optimistic. brian: when it first became 45 i was freezing to death. now i feel like it's summer. i'm amazed the way i adapt. i'm amazing. steve: you're amazing. ainsley: you are amazing, brian. brian: thank you. steve: coming up on this monday, the stock market set to open for the first time since the shutdown. are they using there to slow down the trump economy? stuart varney also amazing. ainsley: yes, but not as amazing as brian. [laughter] ♪ ♪
3:44 am
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♪ steve: two hours and 45 minutes from right now the stock market opening for the first time since the government shutdown for the first time this weekend. democrats abandoning a 1:00 a.m. vote as g.o.p. critics accuse them of trying to slow down the surging trump economy. brian: all right. so will we get this done today? how will it impact wall street and your wallet. here to break it down is varney and company. the man behind the magic stuart varney on fbn. first off, you called for a shutdown. do you think this is the right reason to have a shutdown. >> no, i don't. i'm royally annoyed as a legal imgrant who spent a lot of time waiting in line filling out forms getting police reports from emp in the world. i had to go through that to get here now my legal government is being shut down in the interest of people here illegally. i'm royally annoyed at that kind of thing. brian: you agree on the budget? democrats and republicans agree on the funding level. >> i think this was a deliberate shutdown on the part of senator schumer.
3:48 am
i think he believes he can gain political advantage over president trump and of the republicans in november. and i think he -- essentially, he is shutting down our government in the interest of his base, the far left base. the hispanic vote, if you like. that's what is he doing it for. i think is he flat out wrong. ainsley: i agree with you. he is shutting down the government for daca. let's get real. do you really think, schumer, that republicans are not going to allow these citizens to stay? of course they are. every republican on capitol hill is saying we have a hurt harassment we want to make this right. we are not going to send them back to a country they never lived in. >> right there. is another aspect to this. the economy is doing very well. thank you very much. the stock market is doing very well. that's not in the interest of democrats to have the economy rolling and the stock market rolling. i think they are shutting it down in part as a distraction from what's going on with the economy. we have got a new poll. we're at 17-year high in the
3:49 am
way people feel about the progress of the economy. they think it's doing very well. 17-year high the number of people who think it's doing very well. lower income people are the ones who are getting the big wage increases. that's trump's base. and now the stock market has added $8 trillion. we just pass thrad milestone. added $8 trillion worth of value since the election. steve: can you tell what the democrats' playbook is because we have heard schumer and others say it a million times. the republicans run the white house. the senate, and the house of representatives. they should be leading but they can't. so it's bawl dysfunction. it's all about vote democrat next time. >> yes, it is entirely political shutdown. totally. 100 percent. and i don't like it. brian: we have economy at $19.5 trillion. 147 million workers. economically we are not going to feel. this i know everyone personally feel it but we're not going to feel it? >> no. there will be people who suffer because of this.
3:50 am
military people are not going to get paid. and if you are living close to the bone there, you are going to suffer from. this the economy not so ever. the stock market this morning first time opening up after the shutdown, it will be down but just a tiny fraction. that's at the opening bell. steve: we will be watching over on fbn. s.v. thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: my high school spring valley? oh, stuart varney. brian: we have been telling you about reports bombshell memo just how far the obama administration went to spy on the trump campaign. are the american people any closer to getting to look at it? we'll examine. ainsley: one couple believes this broach could sell for $1 million. wait until you hear about its magical history. james comey is here with a preview of strange inheritance next ♪ when you smile ♪ the whole world stops and
3:51 am
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3:54 am
brian: two brand new episodes of tv hit strange inheritance airs tonight on ffbn. ainsley: one episode features this inherited broach was it a gift from the czar of russia to the late magician harry hue deany. >> do you have any records, john any firsthand knowledge that says for sure you are right and everyone else is wrong? >> i will never go 100 percent on hue deany. we are always discovering things. you never know when that photo of houdini and czar nicholas is going to show up. steve: here to tells us more is the host of strange inheritance james comey. you are talking russian collusion with harry houdini? >> i love that broach. i would be wearing it too if the mystery buyers from
3:55 am
strange inheritance showed up wait until you hear who it is wouldn't give it to me. i always try. this is amazing piece of jewelry. big magic. castle couple given the broach from bess houdini. question is who gave it to houdini. he and his wife claim it was from czar nicholas the ii. david copperfield gives our viewers a private tour of personal magic and illusion museum. hundreds of millions of dollars. ainsley: where is this museum? >> in las vegas. brian: what are they to believe now. you a about authenticity. how do they authenticate? >> i'm so glad you asked. when i asked the larsons how they knew it was from the czar. he told me it was because his mommy told him to it elderly gentleman. adorable part of the story. second part is about arrow heads.
3:56 am
i'm like indian arrow heads. they tell a lot about our history. you can't collect them anymore it's illegal on public land. he and his wife collected 250,000. and their caregiver was given-million-dollar collection. he has a big decision to make. that's tonight at 9:00 p.m. and 9:30 on fox business. steve: i have already read what happened. it's a great story. all right. we'll be watching tonight. brian: good to see you, jamie. steve: all right. see you later. ainsley: will kellyanne conway and paul ryan are both here live today. steve: what a show. get ready for centrum micro-workouts. the bottle curl. the twist n' turn.
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so we sent that sample i doff to ancestry. i was from ethnically. my ancestry dna results are that i am 26% nigerian. i am just trying to learn as much as i can about my culture. i put the gele on my head and i looked into the mirror and i was trying not to cry. because it's a hat, but it's like the most important hat i've ever owned. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at steve: day three, that building, officially, is shut down. >> this shutdown was a political miscalculation of gargantuan proportion. >> the american people know why this government is
4:00 am
dysfunctional a dysfunctional president. >> i want you to know your commander-in-chief and all of the american people are behind you 100 percent. and nothing that happens in our nation's capital will ever change that. >> messages contain shocking revelation involving the fbi's handling of its investigation into hillary clinton's email server. fbi agent peter strzok and hillary clinton knew hillary clinton would not face any challenges. >> they did it. belichick tom brady and the run by dion lewis. touchdown jeffrey. >> super bowl 52 in two weeks. [cheers] ♪ ♪ we didn't start the fire ♪ it's t. was always burning since the world was turning
4:01 am
♪ we didn't start the fire. steve: people are hot down in washington. today the government is still on shutdown and if you are nonessential federal employee, you don't have to show up. but if you have been deemed by your boss essential, you have to show up. you don't get paid but you still have to go to work. brian: good news, bad news thing. i'm glad i'm important but i'm work for free. ainsley: we were following that throughout the weekend. we were also while watching the games last night. looks like the eagles and patriots will be playing in the super bowl. steve: two weeks from last night. brian: i did say to myself could this be one of the biggest upsets ever jaguars going into the fourth quarter. what am i thinking after come back in super bowl against atlanta they came storming back and broke jackson'jacksonville's heart. ainsley: what about that backup quarterback? what will they do when the regular quarterback will be healed. >> he will come back or be
4:02 am
broken hearted. steve: he will be nonessential. brian: i imagine they are not disappointed. steve: super bowl set. let's talk politics a live look, the lights are still on. but officially, it's day three of the government shutdown. ainsley: in just a few hours, senators from both sides of the aisle are going to huddle with hopes of passing the spending bill. brian: they were huddling huddlg yesterday. i thought they might get something done and change our entire rundown. kevin corke is live from the white house. you would have been there anyway even if they resolved this shut down, right? >> absolutely. i come in. i just wanted to make sure if something happens, brian, i am right here. brian: because you are essential. you are an essential worker. >> i have to be here. no, but, listen, the white house argument, my friend, is pretty simple. they say this is about shutting down the government. 300 million people. 330 million people, including those who serve overseas just to figure out the fate of some 700,000 people who are here unlawfully. that is the argument they are making. let me take to you twitter.
4:03 am
the president has not yet tweeted this morning. although we suspect he will probably even shortly. who knows? the last tweet i wanted to share though was this one. great to see how hard republicans are fighting for our military and safety border. the dems as in the democrats, just want illegal immigrants to pour into our nation unchecked. if stalemate continues, republicans should go to 51% nuclear option and vote on real, long-term budget. no cr's as in continuing resolutions. the breakdown as you point out comes despite a furious round of negotiations over the weekend for both sides preparing for what could be a protracted stalemate. >> when the democrat filibuster of the funding bill ends the serious bipartisan negotiations that have been going on for months now, to resolve our unfinished business will continue. >> we have had several conversations. talks will continue. we have yet to reach an agreement on a path forward that would be acceptable to
4:04 am
both sides. for that reason, i october. >> acceptable for both sides. that's the real argument democrats are making. you got to deal. this is washington. will the white house and will republicans on capitol hill do that? we'll find out today. we have a press briefing coming your way at 1:30. of course i will be here with all the details for you. back to you. ryan brian very interesting. you will see. thanks so much, kev. so interesting who takes the lead here. let this bipartisan group about 25 senators come out with some type of plan that includes immigration? i think mitch mcconnell is he going to be able to promise chuck schumer i will do this by february 8th so let's get back to work? is the president going to step up and say this is the deal i want and the buck stops with me? ainsley: so obvious the democrats are playing politics though. they are using daca to prevent our military from getting paid? they're using daca saying we don't trust you, republicans. then have you mitch mcconnell saying okay, i promise we will do something with daca and immigration by the next three weeks. steve: right. ainsley: fund the government and we'll take care of
4:05 am
immigration. they are saying no, no, no. we don't trust you. every republican is saying we are going to keep the daca kids here. we are not sending them back to a country they never lived. in we're human beings. we have a heart. steve: it's a spending bill. the democrats are trying to exert maximum leverage which they feel they have got. they feel they are winning. the republicans feel they are winning. by the way email us, who do you feel is winning the blame game right now? is it the republicans? is it the democrats? or is it a wash? dan bongino was with us 35 minutes ago. he said it is clearly politics and the democrats are playing it. >> they are playing politics. there is this myth out there somehow that the republicans have played a role in this. they need 60 votes in the senate to get a bill passed on the budget. why? because the democrats have threngsd a filibuster. i mean, i don't know what's complicated about this. and the fact that liberals have to continue to lie about this is really troubling. democrats are threatening to filibuster a bill over,
4:06 am
what? illegal immigrants who came into the country in violation of the flag, our military people are over fighting overseas putting their butts on the line to defend. what a disgrace. ainsley: so true. brian: take look at that now. politico has right now in their poll that's out with morning consult, they saying saying -- if effective in messaging we agree on the budget. we don't agree on daca. ainsley: yesterday i was baby shower sitting by two ladies legal immigrants from italy. they said our dad did it the right way. we had to wait and wait and wait and all these people are coming in illegally and now they are shutting down the government on their behalf? stuart varney, who is from britain turned american, he is now an american citizen. brian: we flipped him. ainsley: he said he had to wait in line. he had to get the physicals, is he royally annoyed. listen to.
4:07 am
this i'm royally annoyed as a legal immigrant spent a long time waiting in line filling out forms. getting police reports from everywhere in the world. i have to go through all of that to get here. now my legal government is being shut down in the interest of people who are here illegally. i'm royally annoyed at that concept. steve: they agree on the budget. brian: you have got to say okay you guys can stay. not deport you. zero reiss of hurdles to cross in order to become citizens. because if they become felons or anything like that, i want there to be a process. you have to understand there is not going to be a double standard for italian immigrants or the british immigrants, whatever it is. but i also think that you cannot make their parents legal because o if there parents are legal you are rewarding people for coming here illegally. what are do you do with the 20 million who snuck in anyway. steve: all part of negotiation. president has been clear get rid of chain migration, diversity lottery program,
4:08 am
build all way. the democrats want, number one, the daca kids. all right. so part of the negotiation will be okay, what about their parents? so there is going to be some give and take on both sides thuvment is a funding bill. this is about funding the government. it is not the time, according to the white house, apparently the president will not take a bill later today that has anything regarding daca in it. former navy seal scott taylor, who is now a congressman from the great state of commonwealth of virginia says that congress should not get paid if the military is not funded. and he is putting his money where his mouth is actually, is he putting his money, the paycheck, with the military. watch this. >> obviously, if we're not doing our work, we shouldn't get paid and certainly not get paid while the military doesn't get paid. every day we are in shut down, i'm going to donate that day's salary to even veterans or military charity. those families, not just military but people who are nonessential. people who are in defense contracting and stuff like that and federal workers. they are going to feel pain very quickly starting today. so, yeah, i think if
4:09 am
lawmakers weren't getting paid they would feel the same pain and you wouldn't have this unnecessary shutdown. ainsley: so military gets paid. the first of the month and the 15th of the month. if this shutdown continues through february 8th or whatever that -- whatever -- is that the deadline? what is february 8th? steve: they are suggesting three week deal. ainsley: all right. so fund the government for the next three weeks. if it's not funded the military dots not get their paycheck the first of the month. when will they get retroactive? steve: that's a good question. because all these federal employees and my daughter works for the federal government. she has been furloughed but she still has to go to work. here's the thing, none of them are entitled to a paycheck. generally what happens after a shutdown, then the congress goes in and they vote for, okay, let's go ahead and pay everybody retroactive pay. ainsley: that's another bill. steve: it's never automatic. at this point all those people are not working today, although many are, they are just not getting paid. way to go. ainsley: just more time wasted. >> your tax dollars wasted.
4:10 am
brian: most importantly they can't budget. if this was just a continuing resolution it, doesn't set up a budget. you want to get missile defense. if you want to build more aircraft carriers, you have no idea what you are doing because you don't have that number. pass a two year budget. burn thing i agree with senator durbin on. how many cr's are we going to do? we just keep doing this over and over again. steve: brian, it's because congress has become the most dysfunctional branch of government. they have go from one emergency to the next. everybody is at each other's throats. that's why we are exactly where we are right here. they are going to have that vote. they are going to take the procedural vote at noon. it's something that the democrats all want. will they go ahead and say okay, we're going to put politics aside? we're for this. for the government. we're for the country. don't hold your breath. ainsley: so within the next three weeks they have to come up with a budget. they have to now fund the do immigration. do you think they can get it all done in three weeks? brian: we just know. this it's time for me to
4:11 am
toss to my colleague ohio just met, ainsley earhardt. ainsley: jillian usually does headlines, she decided to take the day off because the eagles won the game last night. brian is just gel lus because i get more air time than you do. brian: hurts my feels. ainsley: start off with a fox news alert. 17 hour blood bath at kabul hotel: taliban fighters got into v.i.p. only access gate reserved for government officials and high ranking diplomats. in just few minutes rob schmitt will have more on how the gunman might have accessed those checkpoints. also breaking right now manhunt underway for whoever set up two pipe bombs inside a florida mall. devices found inside a service corridor causing damage to the ceilings and walls. thankfully nobody was hurt. the suspect was seen run from the mall in lake wales south of orlando. cops are not calling this an act of terror.
4:12 am
arriving at national legislature in jerusalem. is he going to speak to particlement in a few minutes. later he will place a wreath outside the building with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. his visit marks the highest level u.s. visit in the region since the u.s. recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel. those had your headlines. steve: reports of bombshell memo how far the obama administration went to spy on the trump campaign. are the american people any closer to getting a look at this memo? you have heard a lot about it ohio congressman dave yost hopes so. brian: you finall ainsley: you finally get your turn, brian. liberty mutual saved us
4:13 am
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almost $800 when we switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. >>hey. oh, that's my robe. >>is it? when you switch to liberty mutual, you could save $782 on auto and home insurance and still get great coverage for you and your family. call for a free quote today. you could save $782 when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
4:16 am
♪ steve: some republican lawmakers claiming that the fisa surveillance memo that we have heard so much about will shock the country if it's made public. our next guest says one of those lawmakers sounding the alarm, this as the house intel committee prepares for its official release. so, are americans any closer to learning the truth? republican congressman dave
4:17 am
joyce of ohio joins us right now from statuary hall. congressman, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: i know you can't tell us specifically what's in this thing, but how bad is it? >> well, you know, 25 years i have been in law enforcement before i got here in 2013. and i can tell you that i read it twice, just to make sure i read it properly. and it was deeply disturbing as anybody who has been in law enforcement, any american will find out once they have the opportunity to review it. steve: of course, what we're hearing and i know you can't talk about the specifics is that what exactly was used to get the fisa warrants. was it the dossier? was there corruption at the highest levels of the fbi and the department of justice? from what have you read, if it is true and accurate, should heads roll? will heads roll? >> absolutely they should roll. i mean, termination would be the least of these people's worries once they get to see the documents. we have had the -- this is the basis, the four pages are because the house intelligence committee led
4:18 am
by chairman nunes has spent hundreds of thundershowers synthesizinhourssynthesizing thy american can review and make their own determination on. once you do you will be surprised how bad it is. steve: do you think people could wind up going to jail? >> they should. i mean, this is the highest standard. to me, in law enforcement, that's why it was disturbing the point of making us sick, this is the highest standard that you have. you know, the constitution protects everybody, even president trump. he didn't give up his rights when he became president. and so what we need to make sure that the documents are accessible to everyone so they can understanding whether it's president trump or the every day guy on the street, the constitution applies to all us and should be everyone who has anything to do with it should be held accountable. steve: does it sound like it's going to be released this week? >> the good part is it takes time and unfortunately we are in the shutdown. so one the questions i have, you know, we are all here so we might as well have the
4:19 am
hearings anyway. steve: gather around, declassify it or whatever you have to do. >> start the process. because it's going to take time. get that everything here takes time. whether it's 19 days, whether it's three months. they have done a lot of the work to get us to this point we need to bring it home to the american people. steve: one other shocking development over the weekend, congressman, i think it was on friday, the fbi released 384 new pages of text messages between those two fbi lovers who were part of the mueller team. now as it turns out the fbi says hey, yeah, by the way, we're missing five months worth of the stuff because we can't find it because there was a problem with the software on the samsung phone. it looks pretty fishy. >> can you imagine if one of us did that? steve: we would go to jail. >> they would be calling for our scalps, absolutely. people either need to be 2er78 nateed oterminated or prod depending how deep that is.
4:20 am
get real investigators in there people who care about justice and not playing the game. go after these people. they may have said they lost these things. i don't think verizon or at&t or any others have lost those records. steve: you think they are somewhere? >> someone with a little determination should find that out. one thing can i tell you when i sent out warrants and subpoenas in my time as prosecutor, they were answered in fairly short order. and most of those big companies have lawyers and people on staff waiting just to take care of those type of things. so i'm sure they will go into all efforts to make sure they get them to us. steve: we would love to see more of those text messages about that insurance policy. congressman dave joyce joining us today from capitol hill. thank you very much. >> thank you. have a great day. steve: you bet. good luck. meanwhile, you probably heard a lot about the women's march over the weekend. what about the march for life on friday? why does the media ignore one and go wall-to-wall with the other? counselor to the president kellyanne conway here to react live coming up. plus, the duffys are here.
4:21 am
sean, the congressman shard at work in washington while rachel is holding down things in wisconsin. they will both weigh in on the shutdown coming up next. ♪ we only get what we give ♪ the twist n' turn. the stretch n' grab. the gummy squish. centrum micronutrients fuel your body from the inside out. grab a centrum and join in. repeat daily.
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4:24 am
on chill, broken clouds right there after lawmakers failed to make a weekend deal to reopen the government. >> let's step back from the brink. let's stop victimizing the american people and get back to work on their behalf. ainsley: the senate scheduled to vote today to move forward at noon so what will it take to get a deal done? brian: all right.
4:25 am
joining us now wisconsin republican congressman john duffy and his wife rachel campos-duffy. separate locations, same family. >> good morning, guys. >> good morning. brian: first off, the house did their job, the freedom caucus had to bite the bullet and say i'm not going to stop funding the government for fiscal reasons even though their judgment says maybe they should have. but have you surprised it stops in the senate? >> well, i was a bit surprised because the bill to be passed out of the house the bill that democrats in the house and the senate agrees with. they basically stopped this funding of the government because they want a daca bill and, frankly brian, and have you heard this all day, we want a daca bill, too. we also want to fix the problems on the border that let all these folks come in unlawfully. democrats want to have an open border. they don't want to secure it now they are trying to leverage and hold hostage the american government so they can get what they want. and frankly, donald trump ran on securing the border. and democrats lost. but they still think they
4:26 am
can have open borders and free daca. that's not going to work. ainsley: rachel, you are a mom you have wonderful beautiful family, how many kids, you and sean have eight, right? ainsley: when i think about a government shut down and our military not getting paid. i think about the moms, single moms living paycheck to paycheck trying to put food on their table for the kids. they are not going to get paid unless the lawmakers do something about this. >> absolutely. obviously, i would love to have sean home so would the kids. thank you for the satellite hookup so we can actually share our coffee together this morning. and the hair and makeup. i don't look this way usually when he sees me in the morning. ainsley: trust me. i understand. me neither. >> but i will say, this i'm glad they're sticking together. i think that they need to stick together. they need to open the government for the people that you are talking about, ainsley. but they should not give into these ridiculous demands by chuck schumer that have nothing to do with
4:27 am
the funding issues that should be contained in this bill. so, and i agree with sean, we want -- i'm hispanic. i want a resolution for daca. but the compassionate thing to do is to resolve it for the daca recipients while also making sure that no other kids get caught in this really unpredictable situation so in order to do that have you got to secure the border. and i think that's where the american people are at. so, that needs to be taken care of separately. >> hey, ainsley, quick, the military is going to get paid. we will make sure that when the government reopens up, they are going to get their paychecks. one of the problems i had some contact with one of my vets that said listen, i'm trying to buy a house right now. if i don't have a paycheck coming in, i can't close on a house that's a dream house for me and my spouse and my kids. those are the kind of problems we put on the backs of military men and women when they don't have a guaranteed paycheck coming in. this sets squarely at the feet of chuck schumer. they could open a government
4:28 am
up on a deal they agree with and we have over a month's period of time to figure out a solution for daca. they don't want to do that. brian: congressman,. >> it's a fake emergency. brian: congressman, is there something, too, what they are saying republicans and the president are on different pages that some conservative republicans are 28 billion for a wall and the president said and "new york times" said i only want 18 billion. i don't need 28 billion. is there a disconnect somewhere? >> listen, so every individual has a different opinion on what we need. but, for the most parted, you know, if we got 18 billion, i think that's plenty. i think most people in congress look to the president and his team to run the numbers on how much it's going to cost to build the wall. whether it's 18 or 20 or 15, we want to start building the wall, and i think it's important. i think dan bongino mentioned this earlier on your show. chuck schumer went to the president and said we will authorize money for the wall but we want to appropriate money for the wall. we authorized money for the fence 10 years ago. but if you don't appropriate it, you can't spend it,
4:29 am
which means no wall will ever be built. a swamp-like tactic that comes from chuck schumer trying to dupe the president into a deal that doesn't give him any money to support his border. steve: that's why people hate congress is stuff like that right. >> there that's right. steve: rachel, let's talk to you for a moment there were two big marches friday and saturday. one was the anti-abortion march and then on saturday it was the women's march. you were actually here in new york city. what were you up to? >> well, i was hosting "fox & friends" all weekend. and the march went right in front of fox studios. so i went out there and i got some tape for you. take a look. >> i would love to hear why you are here. >> anyone who is not here i can't understand that. who are you from? >> prime fox news. >> oh, forget it. >> why were you here last year for the march as well. >> i was here and she was in washington. >> have you seen any progress for women in the last year. >> i don't think so. >> what are your top issues? >> oh, the way women are
4:30 am
treated. i think very unequally. i hate trump. >> is it a hate trump march or pro-women march. >> for me i would say 50/50. >> i also happen to be a pro-life woman. would i be welcome at this march. >> of course. we're not here to divide people. we are supposed to be here to unite people. >> you may not like donald trump. but the economy is pretty good. >> for sure. so he is a businessman and that's what we are seeing. when you mention results like that, that's what we are seeing. also seeing people being divided. we are seeing animosity. people disrespecting each other and that's why we are all out here today. steve: good introduce, rachel. >> thank you. it was really fun. i learned a lot. i learned one they will not give donald trump credit for the economy. they are all saying it's the obama economy. it's perplexing to me. two, they are energized so conservatives out there, republican candidates need to be aware this is a very energized group of people. and we need to get the other side needs to get organized
4:31 am
and energized if they think we are going to win in 2018. ainsley: they preach tolerance. were they toler rants when you told them you were pro-life and worked at fox news? >> no not fox news. they didn't like fox news. i will tell you they were very open to pro-life women being part of the march, which says the marchers are not in line with the leaders who forbade pro-life women from being there last year. steve: this concludes our segment with the did you haveys. sean, is there anything you would like to say to your wife before you leave? >> love you, rachel, give the kids a kiss for me. ultimately we will open this government up and come home soon. >> sean, you are not getting out of painting the bedroom. you do need to do that when you get back. steve: no shutdown at the duffy place. thank you very much. thanks, guys. >> take care. steve: coming up, will the wall stop illegals from crossing the border? well, it stopped the u.s. special forces. the president of the u.s. burden patrol council loves
4:32 am
those results i he is coming up live. brian: shut down negotiations and all the rumors and innuendo. she will stop back. ainsley: brian, send your paint the bedroom. i can also help with this. does your bed do that? oh. i don't actually talk. though i'm smart enough to. i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store. i ...prilosec otc 7 years ago,my doctor recommended... 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning, 24 hours and zero heartburn. it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10... ...straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed.
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my name's dustinhey, dustin. grab a seat. woman: okay. moderator: nice to meet you. have you ever had car trouble in a place like this? (roaring of truck) yes and it was like the worst experience of my life. seven lanes of traffic and i was in the second lane. when i get into my car, i want to know that it's going to get me from point a to point b. well, then i have some good news. chevy is the only brand to receive j.d. power dependability awards
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4:36 am
message and i'm going to reveal the contents it says simply fly eagles fly and then have you three eagle emogis. is this going to be a big eagle emogi day for you? >> it's going to be a big eagles super bowl victory. we are soics sighted those of us from the philadelphia, new jersey and delaware area and i was at the game last night. and the national anthem was among the most moving aspects. we didn't mind the 38 unanswered points either. and i will say that most of the time when people are taking a knee last night it was the minnesota vikings in the end zone when we were kicking off from a major score. ainsley: what made you become an eagles fan because you live in new jersey, right? >> i grew up an eagles fan outside of philadelphia. i was born in camden huge. life long eagles fan. i used to go watch them at veteran stadium. we would also go to different events at franklin field. so, they are oldies but goodies to me. we were season ticket
4:37 am
holders for 15 years and just decided to go to the game last night. i tell you, too such a great -- it's such a great moment, too i think for that whole area where the patriots are in the super bowl again. so they haven't been in the super bowl since last year. [laughter] i know that bob craft, he is actually a wonderful man, the owner of the patriots. and he has been a friend to the president. we were so happy to have the patriots here last year when they won. but we want to have the eagles here this coming year. and i will just say that the underdog here is the eagles. and you know me, i love an underdog. the patriots are like that woman whose name i don't mention on tv anymore, people always counted out the eagles. i'm happy for the team and i will tell you why i'm happy for nic. huge team effort. but also they are constantly counted out and constantly said you can't win. sounds familiar to me. you can't win, you can't do it so go eagles. brian: they have to play four quarters unlike the
4:38 am
falcons and jaguars who had the patriots beat but couldn't finish it off. talk about who has who beat. republicans and democrats are locked in a standoff that has something not to do with the budget but with daca. which has to get done by march. they want it done now. someone like alex comey who used to be with marco rubio "new york times" today say part of the problem is the fracture between the president and his staff. you would know this intimately. tell me what's going on. is the president on the same page with his staff? >> yes. but more importantly the staff is on the same page with the president. he's the one who got elected. i can't think of anybody who is more explicit about their position on immigration. simply never changed for president trump. he wants that wall built. it's going to be, you heard his homeland security secretary, his former homeland secretary chief of staff now never changed from that but that's not what the continuing resolution is about. the president has not injected the wall into the continuing resolution. the president is not the one
4:39 am
introducing immigration issue getting in the way of our military spouses getting their checks this week. this month. chip being funded and our firefighters and border patrol agents having the resources they need and they deserve. that will come after the continuing resolution is passed. the president is open to negotiating on immigration and getting a bill passed after the democrats reopen the government. they shutt down the government for unrelated issue. this is on them. and i have to say this is ridiculous question of who is to blame. you have to gott see who is suffering. these are unintended cobs sequences for peoplconsequenceso rely upon their paycheck and benefits u. steve: senator schumer i saw him say this live. he said he offered the president a very genius offer to fund the wall in exchange for granting certainly the dreamers.
4:40 am
sarah huckabee sanders said senator schumer's memory is hazy because his account of friday's meeting is false. what was the deal? >> this president is always willing to negotiate with people who come in good faith. people have to stop thinking they heard what they wanted to hear hear than what they needed to hear. steve: what was said? >> i'm thought going to divulge that. steve: just generally. >> i have talked to the president about it. the president has made very clear. i mean, if senator schumer wants to offer to the president the wall funding, publicly or one-on-one, he should do that. and it should be reasonable. it should also be unconnected from the c.r. folks, this is a spending bill. this is on congress to reopen the government to get their act together. no wonder they have 14%, 16% approval rating. people are so disgusted with the way the trump works. part of the reason why he won and part of the reason why he had a successful first year part because of
4:41 am
them and part despite them. this has nothing to do with immigration. president trump transparently for all the world to see in an hour long session showed before the shutdown, before the democrats shut down the government is he willing to talk about immigration. he dual that again after the democrats get out of way and stop obstructing and resisting this government's proper functioning. he will talk about immigration again. the time right now, the january 19th deadline was not for daca. that's in march. the january 19th deadline was for military, our firefighters, our border patrol agents and others who rely upon the government to stay open. ainsley: kellyanne, we found this interesting. if you call the white house now you have already changed the voice mail it's day three of the shut down. listen to what the voice mail says at the white house if constituents call. >> thank you for calling the white house. unfortunately, we cannot answer your call today because congressional democrats are holding government funding, including funding for our troops and other national security priorities hostage to an unrelated immigration debate.
4:42 am
ainsley: what's you're reaction? >> what's not true about that? everything is true. we know that because just last night the senate said they will vote at noon today. apparently senators flake and graham are on board with that so, basically, leader mcconnell needs, i guess, about 7 or 8 other democrats who voted no the other night to vote yes. already peeled off a hand full of democrats disgusted with a move to the hard left their party is taking. these red state democrats including the newest democrat senator from alabama, they are peeling off from the leadership and saying hold on, you know, i don't want to keep the government shut down over petty partisan politics. they think they are doing it to be against president trump. they are being against those who rely upon the government. so, everything in that voice mail is true and if not true they can reopen the government today. brian: has the president got on the phone with the so-called moderate democrats like joe march be, maybe, bill nelson who might be
4:43 am
concerned about his job, john tester, tammy baldwin, bob casey. sherrod brown, has he got on the phone with any of them and tried to bypass their leadership? >> well, the president and his team have been working the phones nonstop. and the president see all these ridiculous stories about the president ♪ engaged. they can't have it both ways. they say he is the most engaged, transparent available person. remember, this president cannot be more clear. to those moderate democrats and others how he feels about this. he is willing to sign a cr that reopens the government. if the democrats would take off the table an unrelated issue that becomes flip march, then we can reopen the government if the democrats would just do that i'm hopeful though that more democrats like the four or five who peeled off the other night will seat light and say i voted against the tax cut big mistake and now i'm voting for keeping the government shut down huge mistake. steve: let's see what happens with the vote today at noon. kellyanne, thank you for joining us wearing your eagles green. ainsley: thank you very much, kellyanne.
4:44 am
steve: deadly siege in hotel in afghanistan may have been insider attack. we have breaking developments coming up next. [girl 2] perfect! you have a us-based bank account, right? [man] i have wells fargo. [girl 3] perfect! then you should have zelle! [man] perfect. [girls] perfect! [vo] the number one mobile banking app just got better. [man] does your coach use zelle, too? [boy] of course! [vo] another way we're building better every day.
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$339/month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. ♪ ainsley: we're back with a fox news alert. the 17-hour blood bath at a kabul hotel claiming at least the lives of 18 people. might have been an insider attack. brian: authorities say taliban fighters got into the hotel using a v.i.p. access gate. steve: rob schmitt is here with the details. >> yeah, guys. a messy one here. taliban soldiers stormed upscale hotel restaurant in kabul saturday night. intent on killing any foreigners. the death toll right now a stands at at least 18 and that number could rise. as a spokesperson for the taliban said tens of foreigners were killed and one eyewitness described to media outlets being surrounded by dozens of dead bodies inside that restaurant. it appears the gunman internet the intercontinental hotel in kabul through the kitchen. witness says the terrorist
4:48 am
entered the lobby restaurant screaming where are the foreigners? that witness told the bbc they shot and killed a foreign woman and then pointed guns right at him when he screamed i am afghan, his life was spared. the afghan interior minister has reportedly said it was a mistake for this hotel, which is owned by the afghan government, to change to a private security contractor just two weeks ago. there is some speculation that this may have been an inside job as the five gunmen got in through a v.i.p. only access gate reserved a for government officials and high ranking diplomats. the door not only requires preclearance but also additional scans and checkpoints as well. so it starts to sound like it might have been an inside job. during the standoff, video shows hotel guests using bed sheets, look at that to try to scale down this 6 story building from their balconies trying to escape the mayhem inside. the afghan government worked with western special forces to drop soldiers right onto the roof of that hotel via helicopter as you saw him o'drobinak there, 160 people
4:49 am
were rescues from the hotel, one guest actually survived by jumping from the fifth floor, breaking both legs and his back. but he got out alive. there has been more security in kabul since last may when a truck bomb exploded you remember floor a number of western embassies outside the german embassy, that killed more than 150 people. however, the attacks have persisted including a she a mosque attack that killed 40 people. taliban trying to regain control of afghanistan and reimpose islamic rule in that nation after the 2001 u.s. invasion removed them from power in response. brian: here we are picking up the pace. because we are picking up the pace, it's causing them to react strongly as well. rob: they are going to fight back, it escalates as we go. it's been really messy the last few months. steve: the taliban has already taken responsibility. we did that. rob: they took claim for that, yeah. steve: my goodness. rob, thank you. brian: still ahead, house speaker paul ryan will be on
4:50 am
live. yes, we're bragging. with the latest on the shut down negotiations. he is coming to us from capitol hill. is he straight ahead. ainsley: will the wall stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border? it stopped the u.s. special forces. the president of the border patrol council loves those results and he is going to tell us about it live when he joins us next. brian: if we ask him. ainsley: we'll ask him. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with
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4:53 am
steve: we have some news for the safety of americans. u.s. special forces spent the last three weeks on our southern border testing prototypes on wall on southern border. those results exceeded expectation. ainsley: they found the new height requirements should stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border. here now to discuss is the president of the national border patrol council brandon judd.
4:54 am
thanks for being with us. tell us what your findings are. >> good morning and thanks for having me. what we are seeing this isn't typical government. typical government is to see a gapping wound and try to try to cover it up with a band-aid. what we have seen with this president is he has actually put research and development into this project. this is months long. this isn't something that we just threw together at a whim like you normally see the government do. we have put the special forces to go up against this wall and they can't defeat this wall. and if the special forces can't defeat the wall, the criminal cartels are not going to defeat the wall either. steve: brandon, the key is the height. so darn tall. so much bigger than the current barriers we have got, right? >> couple factors, look at the one we like the best, have you got the ballard tile fencing at the bottom to where we can see through it then have you the shear wall that makes it nearly impossible to climb and then at the top you have got the
4:55 am
round tubing which makes it to where you cannot hook a rope on top of it there is a lot of factors that go into this, the shiite going to be huge to that. ainsley: yothatains you like the one can you see through it at the bottom? why would you like that i don't think we would want them to know what's on the other side. >> we want to be able to seat threats that are coming up to the wall. if we can see that then we can defend against it. steve: also, brandon, there is a story out from judicial watch. apparently a number of illegal aliens are quietly being relocated throughout the united states. they are getting to various points on the map on commercial airlines. >> yeah. unfortunately we still have some obama holdovers in ice and they are still implements old policies. but the other problem that we have is the president gave g.o.p. all the mo momentum in the world to enact his policies and his agenda. unfortunately, we have certain g.o.p. senators getting up and comparing him
4:56 am
to stall lineal instead of getting behind him and supporting what he is trying to do. his policies have been extremely good for the country. look at the tax reform. look at the economy. everything is going good under him excepts we can't get certain people to get behind him and we have to have the g.o.p. get behind him and support his agenda so that we can move this country forward. ainsley: all right. brandon, thank you for joining us. >> appreciate it. steve: all right. interesting stuff. coming up on this monday. house speaker paul ryan will join us live with the very latest on the negotiations from capitol hill. will day three be the final day or will there be a day four? stick around. you're watching "fox & friends." ♪ hard working ♪ hard working man ♪ i got it all on the line ♪ for a piece of the promised land ♪
4:57 am
. . .
4:58 am
4:59 am
♪ steve: the lights are still on but officially it is day three
5:00 am
of the government shutdown. >> this shutdown was a political miscalculation of gargantuan proportions. >> americans know why the dysfunction is current, dysfunctional president. >> the fact liberals continue to lie about this is really troubling. >> i want you to know that your commander-in-chief and all of the american people are behind you 100%. and nothing that happens in our nation's capitol will ever change that. >> shocking revelations involving the fbi's handling of it is investigation into hillary clinton's email server. fbi agent peter strzok and fbi lawyer lisa page knew hillary clinton would not face any charge. >> can you imagine if one of us did that? people need to be terminated or prosecuted, depending how deep that is. >> they did it. bill belichick, new england and tom brady, the run by dion lewis. touchdown by al shown jeffrey.
5:01 am
>> super bowl lii in two weeks. ♪ ♪ people keep on learning. brian: only person that got hit harder than rob gone kusky and that pole. i'm surprised the wholesaling didn't come down. ainsley: all the patriots fans on the subway are cheering. my gosh is the train is already going you shouldn't chase after it. it is not going to stop. steve: the train left the station. he had to get home. at least wearing the jersey. his team won. ainsley: poor guy. brian: the eagles off to minneapolis at super bowl. where jillian is. she is reflect on the game.
5:02 am
patriots had the comeback to get there. ainsley: january said if we lose i will wear the minnesota jersey on air. pete said the whering the viking jersey? brian: as soon as they are both back at work. ainsley: after of the game they took off. brian: talk about people not at work, that is our government. steve: exactly, you're looking day three of the government shutdown. what is supposed to happen apparently the senate will take a vote today at noon. mitch mcconnell suggested last night, let's have a vote at 10:00 p.m. chuck schumer said no. here is the important thing. is mitch mcconnell says if they agree to reopen the government and fund the government, they will take action, republicans in the senate on daca by february the 8th. in other words, go ahead, pass the funding bill, the senate will take the thing up within next three weeks. that is major concession.
5:03 am
they had not said that before. now looks like he is ready to deal. the big question is, will the democrats, or they want to play politics. ainsley: they were supposed to vote yesterday. democrats were supposed to vote yesterday. chuck schumer said we need to chew on this, think this through. we need to vote on monday. monday is the first work day. people are furloughed. brian: they're not working. "the washington post" says the deal steve outlined the democrats are unlikely to take. if they do take it up in a deal, does anyone think they will get together to agree on the chain migration, lottery system, funding for the wall, in exchange for daca. what will it look like? kids, it wasn't your fault, you came here 2, 3 years old, you are in your 20s, you can stay barring circumstances? what about their parents? the democrats want their parents in. look at them as voters, personally in the big picture, if donald trump is president and 800,000 become citizens, people say more like two million i
5:04 am
think president trump will get credit for it in the hispanic community. i don't think democrats can naturally say these are my voters. steve: democrats are turning it into a emergency. it is a funding bill. the president made it very clear five months ago, you have till march. congress do something. congress is completely dysfunctional. kellyanne conway was with us from the north lawn of the white house 20 minutes ago. she said democrats are trying to play the blame game while innocent people in her estimation is getting hurt. >> president is not hurting the immigration issue. military not getting checks this week, this month. the president is open to negotiating on immigration and getting a bill passed after the democrats reopen the government. they shut down the government for unrelated issue. this is on them. i have to say this is ridiculous question who is to blame. see who is suffering. these are unintended
5:05 am
consequences for people who really do rely upon a federal workers, who rely upon their paycheck, people rely upon their benefits. ainsley: you're mad about this. you know who is really mad about it? the legals who did it the right way. such as stuart varney. he was a brit. he is now an american. had to go through the whole process. steve: physical. background check. ainsley: take the tests, study, do all of that. what infuriates him people who didn't do it the right way they're the democrats are in favor of right now instead of those who did do it the right way like he did. listen. >> i am roilly annoyed as a illegal immigrant spent a lot of time waiting on line filling out forms, getting police reports from all oaf the world. i had to go through all of that to get here. my government is shut down by people who are here illegally. i'm roilly annoyed.
5:06 am
brian: we'll see what happens, 70% of the american public are stated for pathway for citizenship for these daca people. however is it in exchange for shutting down the government? no. if republicans message accurately and correctly, there is only one reason why 800,000 people have to have their situation addressed government is not funded, military don't get paid. tsa working for free i think the polls would be a lot different. steve: we had molly hemingway on with us at 6:30 eastern time, given messaging the republicans are doing, the democrats closed down the government for 800,000 people who are here illegally. wait until the political ads come out next campaign season. democrats feel they have the upper hand. the white house feels they're winning. nonetheless when you look at the whole debate regarding
5:07 am
immigration and people who are in the country illegally, clearly the democrats have one point of view today. actually is a 180 from where it was just a couple years ago. listen to this. >> it is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permits the kind of abuse our immigration laws we have seen in recent years and we must do more to stop it. >> we simply can not allow people to pour into the united states undetected, undocumented, unchecked. >> we do not want to do anything to encourage more illegal immigration into this country. >> the american people are fundamentally pro-legal immigration and anti-illegal immigration. we will only pass comprehensive reform when we recognize this fundamental concept. brian: both sides will have their conference call around 11:00 today. they hope to get on the same page. in the backdrop is drama. they had 25 so-called, you know
5:08 am
democrats and republicans got together from senator coons and senator flake and senator graham and lamar alexander. about 25 in all getting together, meeting to present some type of immigration reform with daca. ainsley: meeting again today. brian: i don't know if that will be part of the conference. but the leadership was brought n rand paul made the most sense. put it in writing after you pass this budget, this continuing resolution which is ridiculous, have to pass a two-year budget, put in writing we'll take up right away immigration by march 6th. that should not be a problem. steve: keep in mind whatever the senate passes regarding immigration and "dreamers" it is not a done deal in the u.s. house of representatives. it is good possibility if it is not strict enough republicans won't go for it. ainsley: democrats are saying daca. all republicans we interviewed will vote to keep all the kids here in the country.
5:09 am
they came over, their parents came here illegally, they're not going to penalize them. they have a heart. brian: what circumstances inside daca? you're citizens tomorrow. no, you're on the path and your parents should not be. ainsley: you're on the path, vet you, make sure you're making correct decisions you're not a criminal. dan bongino, who came here right way, his family came here the right way, his mother-in-law didn't able to feed her kids. did not take government money. heard her baby's government -- stomach grumbling but did not take government money. they said one things a few years ago. now they're changing their tune just to go against this president. listen. >> democrats are hypocrite on something else. let me give you my shocked face. this is incredible. of course we're going to defend the fact we need competent, talented people who add to the economic productivity of the
5:10 am
united states to come into the country to produce wealth here. legal immigration is not issue done the right way, and done in labor sensitive way, defending people came here illegally basically those rules don't matter, don't apply to me. why are the democrats doing it? really simple? they have nothing else to run on. they have intellectual vacuum of ideas right now. steve: all about the messaging. the president of the united states is trying to get ahead of the messaging. they would like to win the blame game. he tweeted out two minutes ago. democrats are turning down services and security for citizens in favor of services and security in favor of non-citizens. not good. brian: shutdown is prompting cancellation of training for reserve units. madison says he released citizens from their duties at the pentagon. i guess they are furloughed temporarily. they face variety of consequences up and down. the troops will not get paid. they have to go on their
5:11 am
missions. they will cut back on training. >> it is ridiculous. talk about more headlines starting with a fox news alert. manhunt for a man who set off go pipe bombs in a mall in florida. they were found in service corridor damaging the ceiling and walls. thankfully no one was hurt. a suspect was scene running from the mall in lake wales, south of orlando. the cops are not calling it act of terror. mike pence is addressing the legislature of jerusalem. this is live i'm being told. the u.s. embassy in jerusalem will open next year ahead of schedule. this is the highest level u.s. visit to the region since the white house made the announcement. and the man who plotted kill american solders in the name of isis will learn his fate today. the convicted terrorist will be sentenced after a short delay by a federal judge in ohio for a plot to kill soldiers at a u.s. military base execution-style. prosecutors say he trained with the terror group in syria before
5:12 am
hoping to carry out the deadly attack two years ago. he faces up to 23 years in prison. those are your headlines. steve: we'll see what the sentence is. thank you. brian: coming up straight ahead, in 55 minutes, brand new text messages from the anti-trump fbi agent are revealed. turns out he knew how the hillary clinton probe would end. what about the other text messages? the fib says they lost them. >> a little efficiency. playing politics with our troops during the shutdown. what message does it send to the troops? a military panel discusses just ahead from the usa. ♪
5:13 am
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5:15 am
woman: where are we taking him?
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5:17 am
time period when that insurance policy would have happened, when the president was elected, all that stuff they say is missing because there was a software problem with the samsung galaxy 5 phone. ainsley: seems a little fishy. five months worth of missing text messages? steve: a little convenient. brian: chairman of homeland security, ron johnson wrote a letter and got the response from the fbi, we missed five months of exchanges between peter strzok and lisa page. the disclosure made friday in this letter. the department wants to say the technical system for text messages send and received by mobile devices failed to preserve those messages. if the fbi was investigating any of us and we came back to the fbi yeah, the system we were working on it failed to retain, would that be okay being there was no disclosure of this prior to the request? let alone the ones that were retained really raised a lot of people's antennas? ainsley: fbi saying we lost the text messages, we can't find out. it is different what you mapped
5:18 am
out. the two lovebirds are saying they don't have it anymore. brian: no, i'm not saying that. if the fbis with investigating us, we said sorry my system failed to retain just these five months that would be a little bit of a problem when they were told they had to retain them. steve: there is some question whether or not the fbi asked those two, can we have your non-fbi devices? there has been a suggesting they were using i-messaging. when you look at some of the messages they did release, not good for these two. listen to this. on july 1st, strzok says, timing looks like hell. page says, yeah, that is awful timing. she says, it's a real profile in courage since she, loretta lynch, the attorney general knows no charges will be brought. how would they know that before -- they're at the fbi. how would they know how the attorney general was going to rule before that? we had congressman dave joyce. he has been very troubled by all of this and he says everybody
5:19 am
should be held accountable and heads could roll. >> 25 years i've been in law enforcement before i got here in 2013 and i can tell you i read it twice just to make sure i read it properly and it was deeply disturbing. the constitution protects everybody, even president trump. he didn't give up his rights when he became president. we need to make sure the documents are accessible to everyone so they can understand whether it is president trump or everyday guy on the street constitution applies to us all. anything that has anything to do with it should be held accountable. brian: he is talking about the fisa memo that outlines disturbing things that might have been happening with the obama administration and the trump campaign. that really wasn't referring to the text messages. ainsley: devin nunez has the memo. people are calling for it to be released so we find out what the details are. brian: just to close up the text
5:20 am
message situation the fbi explanation there was technical problems is not sufficient and must show concrete ways that the missing texts are not an obstruction of congressional oversight. that is according to senator ron johnson. he is not accepting this. ainsley: just bizarre they have some of the text messages but they happen to lose five months of them. steve: isn't that convenient? straight ahead, 8:20 here in new york city, house speaker paul ryan joins us live on latest from the shutdown negotiations on capitol hill. we have lots of questions. he has lots of answers.
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
♪ >> definitely unforgettable experience. >> well-done. steve: you see newly appointed u.s. ambassador to russia taking the polar plunge.
5:24 am
jon huntsman dunking under frigid water in moscow for the epiphany. ainsley: this is "fox & friends weekend" co-host abby huntsman's's dad. brian: let's talk about something easier. that would be passing a budget in america. bring in the speaker paul ryan to react. mr. speaker, as you know you guys do what you were supposed to do, all the drama around the senate but you are captive to what is going on on the other side. we heard about a meeting today, 11:00 at a conference call, last night there would be no vote in 1:00 in the morning. it was put off until today at noon. what is the latest you can tell us? >> that is it, brian which the democrats will have a chance to open the government they shut down at noon today. if they open the government at noon the house will pass this bill. instead of having the government
5:25 am
spending bill go to february the 16th it, would go to february 8th. we agreed to that change in date. children's health insurance that dries up. you're seeing furloughed workers across america. troops are not getting their pay. border patrol not getting their pay. national parks, i could go on and on. this is totally pointless and needless. senate democrats did this. senate democrats can stop this at noon today. steve: republicans are dug n there will be no daca in this deal. democrats are dug in because they think they have maximum leverage. somebody has to budge. >> this is what is so weird about this issue. we were in bipartisan, earnest, good-faith daca negotiations before the government shut down. i would maybe sort of understand these moves, if we were saying we want to deport all these kids, we don't want to do anything. ainsley: exactly.
5:26 am
>> that's not what we are saying. we are for fixing this problem. we want to make sure we fix it more comprehensively so we don't have another daca problem in a few years. that is the point. that is what is bizarre to me. we had bipartisan negotiations between the house and senate republicans and democrats already taking place. they still shut the government down. let me read you a couple quotes from the 2013 government shutdown. when you open the government, we'll open negotiations. dick durbin 2013. or this. i believe in immigration reform. what if i persuaded my caucus to say i will shut down the government, i will not pay the billions unless i get my way. this is confrontation of idiocy and paralysis. this is chuck schumer 2013. this is ridiculous. i don't think they knew what they were getting themselves into. i'm not really sure. we're saying open the government. we'll get back to the negotiations. we were already underway they blew up when the government shut down. ainsley: they're making it about politics, instead of thinking about what is best are to the citizens of this country.
5:27 am
flip over to other networks, oh, this is the president's fault, this is republicans fault, because republicans have the house and republicans have the senate. they're not saying they need the 60 votes. what is your reaction to that? >> that's it, ainsley. they're counting on confusion. people casually paying attention. oh the president is republican. house is controlled by republicans. senate is marginally controlled by republicans. what is really the fact is, they're using the filibuster to shut down the government. so a minority in the senate, the senate democrats are using their filibuster to shut down the government. let me say it really clearly, we saw this last night at about midnight, we know there are enough votes to open the government if it came to a vote, there would be more than 50 votes to open the government back up, but senate democrats are using filibuster making it 60 votes and shutting down the government. here is what is weird, ainsley, the bill we passed in the house, they support it. they don't oppose the underlying legislation.
5:28 am
that is what is so weird about this. brian: some of the scariest words you could ever hear, paul ryan, the president just tweeted. i have to fill in the gap for you. here we go. he tweeted this out while you were speaking. democrats have shut down the government in the interests of their far-left base. they don't want to do it but are powerless. senator schumer is held hostage by his far-left base. looking for a way out of this, rand paul brought up yesterday, what if we put in writing we'll get to this by february 6? can you go back to negotiate, pass this budget, go back to negotiate there? would you guys be okay with that? >> you know what i've been saying all along? open the government, we'll start negotiating. open the government we'll resume negotiations. it is that clear and that simple. we were negotiating before when they shut the government down. that is what is so weird. ainsley: what is frustrating for the american people, like you both are saying, you both are on the same page, if you look back at 2013.
5:29 am
all democrats put up the fence, put up the wall, what is the big deal? put up the wall. keeping drugs and keeping criminals out. letting people who are the good ones come in? what is wrong with that? that way they get daca. republicans come on the show time and time again. we'll not give you daca. >> that's right. ainsley: we'll not send them to a random country they know nothing about. >> that is what we're saying answererly. this is the key point to people, we do daca, which we just like you say we want to do that we don't want to kick kids out. don't deport them from countries they don't know. we don't want to say people in other countries get yourself to america illegally sooner or later you will get legalized. we need to make sure we control immigration. we need to make sure we're securing our borders and fixings immigration laws. so we don't have another 700,000 kids in five years when we have another daca mess. that is the point, the root
5:30 am
cause of this daca problem is uncontrolled borders, broken immigration system. the system of that problem is daca. let's address the root cause. it makes common sense. that is the nothing wrong with that that is the negotiations we're discussing before democrats shut down the government. steve: you passed a bill. it went, you just need a simple majority there in the house. but then in goes to the senate where you have crazy rules you have to have 60. the president over the weekend, tweeted out time to pull the "nuclear option." sitting in the house of representatives looking how the senate operates, that shows you the disfunction right now because you got to get that every time, otherwise nothing budges. >> ask anybody in the house they will complain to you about filibusters. we're a majoritarian body. we get 50 plus 1%, pass legislation. that is how we got the tax bill done, we used the tool called reconciliation which blocks filibusters. we have hundreds of bills, hundreds of bills sitting in the
5:31 am
senate that haven't been passed because chuck schumer uses filibuster. the house, we passed every single appropriation bill last september! all this talking about continuing resolution, the house did its job, passed the spending bills last september and chuck schumer has been filibustering those bills as well. brian: country is doing every time you do a cr, because you can't budget he especially the military. you know dollars and cents better than anyone. >> they passed military funding for enentire year twice and chuck schumer is filibustering that bill. brian: thanks a lot, speaker ryan. >> thank you. steve: straight ahead on this monday, vice president mike pence slamming democrats for playing politics with our servicemembers. >> you and your families shouldn't have to worry for one minute whether you're going to get paid as you serve in the uniform of the united states. brian: what does this message mean to our troops? our military panel here to discuss next.
5:32 am
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>> minority in the senate decided to play politics with military pay. but you deserve better. your president, your vice president, and the american people are not going to put up with it. we'll demand they reopen the government. in fact we'll not reopen negotiations on illegal immigration until they reopen the government and give you, our soldiers, and your families the benefits and wages you have earned. brian: that is the vice president, mike pence, blasting democrats for playing politics with our nation's military as the federal government goes into day 3 of shutdown. it is embarrassing. he assures them that the trump administration is on their side. what does that mean for the military? meet our panel. dr. darren pour cher is here.
5:36 am
armed veteran serves 10 years in the reserves cathy barnett. retired marine corps captain, at self-made, katy horrigan and retired navy captain, conner is here. this means the men and women continue to serve. their pay is delayed. what is that like? >> that is pretty disheartening when you think about it, no matter what the bad guys will not stop coming. you have to get up every morning to go do your job. when you think about the government not being able to get themselves in order, in order to get yourself paid it is very disheartening. brian: there weres cancellations, katy, canceling training for reserve units. does that matter? >> it matters. vice president pence said the disregard for u.s. military, impacts reserve and military readiness. the use of a shutdown as negotiating tool. it is not a negotiating tool. we pay lawmakers to come to
5:37 am
compromise to act in the best interests of the american people. that is not happening. that signals we have a problem with our system. it's a broken system. there is lack of accountability and misalignment of incentives. how is it possible this can happen without consequence. brian: john boehner came out, basically held hostage by ted cruz and company, cancel obamacare. president obama is never going to cancel obamacare. the government shut down. nothing to do with the budget. this has nothing to do with the budget. >> has nothing to do with the budget. there is no implement reason for immigration to be a part of the, a part of the funding in this round. so this is squarely a schumer shutdown. democrats own this one right here. but we have men and women out there putting their lives on the line. we have families being told to trust their government, to do what is right, to bring their loved ones back home to them. what have we seen? democrats politics for electoral votes. it is very important for americans to realize that when we have democrats trying to resist the president, when we
5:38 am
have the media trying to shame the president, or make it harder for the president, what they're really doing is resisting us the american people, who they are really making it harder for, us the american people, specifically the military. according to va records. veterans, poverty rate is on the increase. the number of veterans who are on food stamps is far outpacing those who are not a part of the military. so i think the least we can do make sure they're getting paid. make sure we're taking care of their needs over the needs of people who aren't even citizens. brian: would be good if they sent the military and budget did. chuck schumer said we gave president more money for the military than he requested but right now we can't get to i, darren. >> average private in the military in the army doesn't make a lot of money. these people live in the barracks. they have to support themselves. so they're really in a tough position. when we look at exponential
5:39 am
threats facing this nation from places like china, russia, north korea, it is incumbent upon congress to elicit the funds as military. when we look forward we have to look to someone like chuck schumer, and he is guilty in the court, he is guilty in the court of formal turpitude because this issue is impacting just not on the military but us on the nation as a whole. brian: that is true, conner. the president said if you put me in charge i will make sure this happens. i will put everyone in the room. he told "the new york times," we'll handle this, don't get involved. what is your reaction to say the president should get more directly involved? >> i think important to have leadership at the top that supports he have one underneath him in his command. as commander-in-chief it is his duty to get involved. brian: you want him in there? >> absolutely. i fully support what vice president said about himself and president supporting the military. i think it is important to remember that they do in fact care about the military and our
5:40 am
veterans. they need to get more involved. brian: katy, unbelievable, the lawmakers who have the shutdown still get paid. >> that is unconscionable to me. if they're not doing their job, which is happening, this budget process is about anything but the budget. it has become a vehicle for partisan squabbles. if they can't get their job done, they shouldn't get paid. brian: we're trying to invest in missile defense and aircraft carriers and how many we should build. you can't do that with a month to month budget, instead of a two-year budget you can't plan. >> it takes 6 votes to pass -- 60 votes to pass legislation in the senate. the narrative is donald trump's fault. everything democrats do, whether it is with the chip or any of the other measures they are in this particular funding. there is nothing that they oppose about it. but like general mattis said, china and russia are now, has now replaced terrorism as the number one threat to our
5:41 am
national security. so to your point, we can't go month to month trying to figure out a strategy against china and rush share, darren, how does this play out in the long run? >> north korea has launched two different missiles over japan. japan is now conducting weapons drills for, excuse me, drills for their citizens in tokyo. we don't have the logistics to support this. when we look at these, this shutdown for example, it is of detriment we get these fund to insure that we have the logistics in place to protect the citizens abroad. brian: what we saw happened in hawaii, doesn't look like many states are prepared for a emergency event after cataclysmic event. 38 minutes. unbelievable. thank you for your service. hopefully we talk about what you will be doing with the two-year budget in the military. thank you so much. >> thank you, brian. brian: ahead in the next 19 minutes. minimum wage increased 12 states. may be good news for some workers.
5:42 am
one restaurant owner says it's a dangerous trend that will be hurting rather than helping. millenials say growing up is too hard. they say adulthood begins at 24. kevin jackson, who is an adult, will join us. ♪ with expedia, one click gives you access to discounts on thousands of hotels, cars and things to do. like the fairmont mayakoba for 59% off. everything you need to go. expedia. ♪ look how beautiful it is... everything you need to go. honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know - and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now?
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♪ steve: people used to say you became an adult when you turned 18. but not anymore. >> this your place? >> no, no, no. i live with my mom. >> oh. >> yeah. >> you hungry? >> hey, ma, can we get some meat loaf? steve: a new study claims that adulthood begins at 24. ainsley: i love that movie.
5:46 am
reality check for late bloomers, executive director of the black sphere, kevin jackson. great to see you. >> great to see you as well, ainsley. ainsley: what do you think about this? used to be adolescents ended at 19. now they're saying according to the study, 24. >> this is liberal-sponsored report because who doesn't want to grow up, get out of the mom and dad, clutches of mom and dad started a adulthood? i wanted to leave the house at 12, not because it was a bad situation but because i wanted to go find my life. holy cow. i was thinking about this it is such a deep subject. seems like we're having fun with it. such a deep subject. we now have the democrats and leftists who want to infantize america. be at home with obamacare. covered until you're 26. quite frankly liberals never grow up. they're still children. we've seen with some of the things you guys talk about all morning with some various
5:47 am
issues, you're shaking your head seriously, daca and illegal immigration? they don't want to grow up. when you look at it from the black perspective where we have people, are grandparents at age of 30, 32 years old, what is it? look, it is, i was going to say maga doesn't stand for make america great again. it stands for make america grown again. i was glad donald trump became president, put on your big boy pants, america, it is time we grow up. steve: interesting they move the goal posts when you become adults. puberty is ending earlier. would you think it is going the other direction. people growing up faster. that is not reality, is it? >> i'll tell you this, steve, if you said, hey, millenials can't vote until they're 26 years old or something like that you would definitely see these guys
5:48 am
changing their mind about. look, if they want to make children -- the way i look at this is, the more you infantize somebody, essentially you're saying you need our help. look at society, no, no, all these guys are infants until into their 20s, into their 30s, things like that. they have entire culture, blacks use that again, we are at behest of the government. unless the government is there to play adult, how are you going to survive, kevin. it's a complicated issue. we can poke a little bit of fun at it, but at the end of the day we have to get people out of the house, grown up and instead of telling kids, that you can be 24, 25 years old before you find adulthood, we should make them into young men and women much earlier. ainsley: kevin, i know you had reality check the a very early age. tell us about your story and what all of us who are trying to raise kids what we need to do to prevent our kids from staying at home at 24?
5:49 am
>> i mean look, i can tell you from my perspective, my grandmother, raised by my grandparents. at 18 years old, you're an adult. you leave the house. you come back to vacation. you don't come back to live. come back and see us. if you have kid, we want to see our great grandkids in my case. no, you are gone. that frankly was coming of age, a big deal for me and my family, quite frankly the generation i came up in. we couldn't wait to be 16 to drive. we couldn't wait to be 18 to have your freedom. at some point it was 21 because i could drink or 22 i was going to graduate from college. now all these things are melting hey, be a kid until you're 40 years old. stay in mom and dad's basement. it's a showcase how america, how liberalism has taken over america. i don't want to make it too political, i really believe liberal system takenning over
5:50 am
america. be a kid as long as you want to be a kid. how but enter the real world, put on your big boy pants, become an adult. ainsley: we're training our kids not only to help them in the future, to help their spouses, be good husbands, good wives, to take care of the family. that kind of thing. >> lots of lessons, absolutely. lots of lessons. >> kevin jackson joining us. thank you, sir. >> my pleasure. ainsley: minimum wage is increasing in 12 states this year. it might be good news for workers. one restaurant owner says it is a dangerous trend. his warning for you next. steve: bill hemmer what is happening at nine minutes. >> your government at work, can't you see, can't you tell? is there a breakthrough? mick mulvaney from the white house answers live in a few minutes. latest what is happening today. the senate reconvenes in about two hours. we have all of that. senator marco rubio, what can get it done. sarah sanders what the president is doing today.
5:51 am
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♪ brian: small businesses are bracing for a fallout as the minimum wage set to increase in 12 states across the country this year. new york city, san francisco, facing upwards of $15 per hour but will this wind up doing more harm than good? steve: we talk to willie. he owns five restaurants in new york city as ceo of uncle jack's steakhouse. >> how are you, everybody. steve: so when the government forces you to do it what happens? no they think you will pass it right on to the consumer but if i try to raise priefses i'm
5:55 am
doing less guests they're getting insulted. they're not coming. they don't educate. steve too if they're not coming nobody gets paid. >> i do less business. so i had busboys before. i cut them two years ago when the minimum wage went from tipped employees went from five to.50. i used to have captain and busboy. now i have only captain and waiter. ainsley: they do more work. hard to find really good people, right? >> in the industry is harder. the wait staff use to be servants whether i first opened. people took great pride of being a servant. today they have sense of entitlement. i'm building people, younger people, they're not used to working. they're starting later. they're going to school and then they don't want to work. steve: that is the last thing we said. >> it is tough. you meet someone 23 years old they never really had a job. brian: here is the thing, willie in your job, if you have a great restaurant i work there, because
5:56 am
i make more money in tips, if you have to pay me more, if it happens naturally, if i go to another restaurant, because they're going to pay me more you will have to respond. >> yes. brian: so that is competition. that works. >> yes. that is capitalism at its finest. brian: you're not saying i will pay someone what market demands but you can't force me to pay somebody more than i can afford? >> government intervention in the last four to five years from regulation, compliance and all the minimum wage increases have taken two million dollars out of my pocket. 10% of my profit left. strawn industry, if you make 10%. i'm not making money anymore. i'm making believe. ainsley: got to get you to stick around for the after the show show. will you stay. >> no problem. you got a grill? you need the steak doctor? steve: more from will i in a minute. "fox & friends."
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> if you want to know how to
6:00 am
prepare the perfect steak, willie knows and we'll talk about it in the after the show show. >> and if you want the perfect radio show mark meadow will be joining me 9:00 to noon. i'm taking attendance. >> bill: brand-new reaction moments ago from the white house. federal government shutting down heading into its third day and right now lawmakers geared up for another day of marathon negotiations. hopefully a vote to end the stall and the finger pointing is almost a certainty. hope you had a great weekend. i'm bill hemmer inside "america's newsroom." i had a fantastic weekend. >> sandra: another big day. i'm sandra smith. president trump already calling out democrats for putting politics ahead of the nation. those tweets coming just two hours ahead of the next big moment in this fight. senators are taking a test vote to see if they have the numbers to end this shutdown. all of this after a very busy


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